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Not working so well

After 2 weeks Plants under the SolarXtreme® 250 have barely moved. I have not had good luck with full spectrum lights. By contrast my Solar System 550 has worked very well. Need blue spectrum for veg and red spectrum for flower.

How close do you have the SX-250 to your plants? It does have both red and blue spectrum.

SpectraMax Vertical 1000
Patrick Pfeiffer

SpectraMax Vertical 1000

Side by side review

2 identical setups running spiderfarmer se5000. One with uvb 310 light and one without. Ran clones in the two seperate tents. Had light only 18inches from canopy and i ran last 3 weeks of flower at 2 hours a day mid light cycle. Both tents were in the same room, running at the same temp.

Tent with UVB had purpling edges and i would say had a stonger scent than the tent without.

Overall would buy again.

SolarXtreme® 500
Grady Clifton
First timer

So far so good. I’m very pleased with the overall results and I’m impressed with the quality of the light

Spectra max 1000

Great coverage built nicely. Right now I’m doing a side by side with this lamp and two 550’s side by side. Only complaint with this is I wish they would do a limited run of a 3 channel utilizing blue diodes. Other than that it’s a very sleek and powerful lamp. Just needs blues 😉

SolarXtreme® 250
John DeBenedictis
Let there be light

Perfect fit for my tent
Used in conjunction with a simple timer device
Very cool

Nice footprint

I got my biggest plant under this, a Black Rock Lava Cake. She's going on week 7 of flower. I can fairly say at this point it's doing as good as my other lights. The customer service so far is a way better experience than Optic. And when I need a new light California Lightworks it will be.

SolarXtreme® 250
Derek Maruszewski

works as advertised, Ive been using CL Lights for a while now, excellen quality and customer service. Will be back for more as needed.

SolarSystem® 1100 UVB
Kyle Lunsford
Best light

This light has exceeded my expectations. It is a great light my only complaint is the controller is not sensitive enough I can barely press the buttons.

SolarSystem® UVB
Calvin Goodman

SolarSystem® UVB

SolarSystem® 550
Uncivil War
The best lights out there

I have Been using California lightworks for years now. I have the solorxtreme models as well. Both are built to the highest standards. I can honestly say I haven't had any issues thus far with Any of them. I definitely recommend the controller with it.you can set on off time, seasons, light intensity and spectrum control for flower as well as vegg. The instructions were very clear and easy and I set it up within 30 minutes. Just a awesome light manufacturer!!!!

Super Nice

Light and controller are excellent. Both work flawlessly and I am super stoked thus far.

Great light!

This light performs better than expected.



SolarSystem® 1100 UVB
Jerry McDonald
Exceed expectations

Long time grower… I have had many gardens over the years. I have never had a garden as healthy and a crop as heavy and dense as my crop now. The weight and the ripeness of the buds are something never achieved. I will definitely buy more and highly recommend!

Solar System UVB

This light arrived really quickly!First thing I noticed was the build quality,which I think is like the rest of their lights,exceptional!It's quite light,which brings to mind a couple previous reviews.It was pointed out in both reviews that the hanging clips seem inadequate. Imo they work great.When you attach the clips to the light,you'll likely agree, they aint letting go!!
Haven't had a chance to use it yet,when I do, I expect that there will be zero issues.Great company!!

So far so good

Got the 550 for our 7x7 Sturdi-Built Trillium Greenhouse on the recommendation of the folks at Sturdi-Built. I needed to move the centrer cross beam (very easy to do) and add a second one so the light is now suspended in the center of the greenhouse without being too close to any wood (which could block light and get damaged by heat over time). This light throws off a lot of light and we are putting the seedlings in this week. Wish us luck! Impressed by the build quality of the light thus far.

SolarSystem® Controller
Raymie Stoddard

To be honest I haven't even opened the box yet because I trust in your quality products,and just know it will perform beyond my wildist dreams.

Great addition

Purchased the solar systems uvb

Used for one hour daily, at a 28inch hang
during last two weeks in a 2 x 4 setup.
There does appear to be a decent improvement in quality and quantity. Judging from same clone different grows with the new light addition. Very pleased. The light itself is built well, protect those eyes!

SolarXtreme® 250
Justin Holden
Good little light.

Nice bright light, needs an on off switch. I love the fan exhaust flow that points out with the cord, I can direct it out of my tents air flow holes. Perfect seedling (2x2) tent light

Solar Extreme 250 @ 500

As Covid hit everyone had to adjust. Brought all my babies inside and started indoor horticulture. Your lamps have been a constant source of light that I have never had a single problem from.(one less thing to have to deal with) these lamps
over the years I have used them. Looking now to upgrade and knowing your product reliability I will examine your new line of lamps. Thanx CLW

Uvb lighting

Well worth the money add this extra lighting to your in door grow.

SolarSystem® UVB

Very Impressed!

Light is very nice and very bright! Definitely be buying more!

SolarSystem® Controller
Michael Hallett-arnold

it’s great, makes growing easy